Graphene masks: Your best defence against COVID 19
As we gear up to fight the invisible enemy being novel coronavirus, wearing a mask is the least we can do to protect those around us and ourselves. There are about dozens of mask varieties available in the market. How would we know that we have chosen the right kind of mask?
Some factors that are well-thought-out while designing masks are:
● Degree of protection
● Comfort and Fit
● Durability and Sustainability
These are some of the criteria most mask manufacturers consider.
As the cases of the COVID-19 continue to rise globally, looking for a mask that provides a high level of protection is crucial in reducing the transmission of coronavirus.

Is your mask effective against COVID-19?
At present, the daily use of medical and protective masks can only block 300 nm of the virus, bacteria, and particulate matter, but cannot block smaller viruses and bacteria. COVID-19 has a diameter of 120 to 150 nm. The medical respirator can only block eighty percent of it. When people inhale, only five percent of the viruses can be blocked. Moreover, its traditional design does not facilitate comfortable breathing and elastic bands may cause skin irritation.

Wonder material Graphene works its magic:
Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guangdong provincial testing centre have proved that Graphene can block more than 99% of the bacteria. Graphene blocks viruses more efficiently and thoroughly. It can effectively block more than 99% of the COVID-19, H1N1, H3N2, HFMD, Poliovirus, Escherichia coli and other viruses and bacteria.

What is Graphene?
Graphene is a Carbon-based versatile nonmaterial with applications in electronics, aerospace, energy and biological medicine. It has been widely used for sterilization and disinfection processes.
Graphene is an allotrope of Carbon, just like Graphite, Charcoal, and Diamond. What sets it apart is its simple, two dimensional, orderly structure, based on tight, regular, atomic bonding.
The carbon atoms in Graphene are densely packed in an atomic-scale hexagonal net-like pattern. This is what is believed to make it super fine and strongest material known yet, about 200 times stronger than Steel!

Understanding how Graphene properties help in enhancing
effectiveness of a mask:

Degree of protection:
This multi layered mask offers the goodness of Graphene packed between super thin yet breathable fabrics.
The outermost layer is a high quality anti bacterial non woven fabric with good air permeability that isolates droplets and large particles.
The Graphene layer proves to be highly effective against viruses. The mask can be reused multiple times and still have 99% antimicrobial activity. Surprisingly, Graphene is both firm and elastic, so it can be stretched by an amazing amount (20-25 percent of its original length). Thanks to the flat planes of carbon atoms in Graphene that can extend quite easily without the atoms breaking apart.
The melt-blown fabric coating repels dust and is effective against airborne particles of less than 2.5 microns in diameter.
The innermost layer being a full scale honey comb fabric, it comfortably fits human skin and stretches reasonably when worn.

Comfort and Fit:
The Graphene Mask’s 3D design provides a better fit on the face to prevent entry of germs. Its soft and skin friendly fabric is suitable for children as well. The adjustable ear straps make it comfortable without hurting ears of the wearer. Its snug fit on the nose prevents foggy glasses.
The masks are available in two different sizes, for adults and for children (with kid friendly design.)

Durability and Sustainability:
The Graphene mask is more durable compared to other traditional masks. It can be reused without losing its effectiveness multiple times with its self cleaning technology. This makes it an eco-friendly option.
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