As a nation and a globe, we are not entirely safeguarded from the COVID-19 virus. However, thanks to the relentless efforts of healthcare workers, hospitals, sanitation crews, researchers, and other COVID-19 heroes, many states are allowing for the reopening of many types of businesses with some safety restrictions and precautions. To bring people back safely, the options for office redesign are bewildering. Whether you work in a restaurant, office, school, retail space, or another venue, if you will soon be returning to work onsite, follow all the safety measures outlined by your employer and consider the additional guidance below as general return-to-work best practices.

    1. Practice social distancing at work- Take every precaution possible to maintain a safe social distance while working, on breaks, when passing through hallways, while traversing designated parking areas, and while in meetings. As you sit, make sure you leave at least a seat’s distance between you and your colleague.
    2. Stay off crowded places: The virus may be more likely to spread in common areas frequented by employees, such as break rooms, cafeterias, conference rooms, locker rooms, waiting rooms, fitness areas, and lobbies. As much as you can, minimize the amount of time you spend in common areas.
    3. Do not go to Work if you are not well-  Every person must remain hyper-vigilant of their health and do their part to stop the possible spread of this dangerous and deadly virus. If you have a fever, cough, or believe you may be experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, particularly if you have been exposed to a patient diagnosed with the virus, call out of work and stay home.
    4. Clean and sanitize your workspace:  The best practice is to make sure you have sanitizer and cleaning supplies at your desk or workstation and clean your desk ad laptop with disinfectant spray before you start your day. Avoid touching handrails and other surfaces when possible.“When you do touch door handles, elevator buttons or other things, make sure to sanitize and then wash your hands as soon as you are able”.
    5. Sanitize and Wash Hands Frequently-  Continue to follow the CDC’s best practices for personal sanitation habits. Disinfect common areas in your workspace and wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds frequently throughout the day. Disinfect and sanitize door handles electronic devices and equipment, per your employer’s safety and sanitation guidelines.
    6. Provide Medical Products at Workplace-  If possible, provide your employees with facemasks, sanitizer, and gloves—or encourage them to bring their own. Require employees to wear face masks and gloves in accordance with the guidance of government public health authorities.
    7. Wash your clothes and mask every day- Washing your clothes, mask as you come home from work. Make sure to disinfect all your office product once you reach back home. This is one of the best and smart Covid-19 protection techniques at home.