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What is 360 Scrum Developer Certification course?

Scrum is one of the most popular Agile methodologies in the marketplace right now. Large corporations as well as Startups are using some form of Agile; particularly Scrum to Innovate continuously.
New hires are expected to know Scrum methodology and fundamentals and be self-accountable & thinking on your feet.
Our 360Scrum Developer Certification (360SDC) ensures you have the background and the working knowledge necessary to qualify for the jobs of the 21st century.
360SDC is structured in such a way that it supports product and service Innovations in all types of industries for all types of projects, irrespective of their complexity.

Who should get certified?

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    Corporate Employees

    Are you a newly hired engineer that wants to quickly rise through the ranks in your organization? Would you like to take charge of your career? Our 360Scrum courses gives you the foundation upon which you can navigate your career and live a balanced life in this ever-changing world.

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    Would you like to work for a Startup? Do you have a startup? Collaboratively Innovative with your team members and have a common methodology for communication as your startup grows? All our 360Scrum courses are designed by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

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    Governments, Non-profits, Education

    Are you a Government or a non-profit employee with great ideas? Do you want to build great products? Learn to innovate and inspire! Collaborate with others in your divisions or across your organization!

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Why Get Certified?

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    Better Jobs?

    Work at Google, Apple or Facebook? How about Snapchat or Grindr? What about other industries like Finance, Clean energy, Oil or Aerospace? All these organizations and industries use Agile methodologies and Scrum framework for continuous Innovation.

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    Innovative Solutions

    360 Scrum certifications are built upon Design Thinking, Systems Thinking and Computational Thinking principles that are Universal. These establish a common framework that transcends all barriers and creates a conducive atmosphere for Ideas to flow.

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    College Students?

    Learn to manage your class work and overall schedule effectively! Gain industry exposure from Top professionals! Get inspired! Solve real world complex problems with Innovative solutions!

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360 Scrum Developer Certification

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    Virtual Class Room Benefit

    Complete Virtual classroom Training
    Material Physical copy with Tools and Case study
    Includes certification exam fee
    Free Mobile App and online Training Videos

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    Complete Online Benefit

    Free e-copy of SBOK Guide
    Mobile App and online Videos accessible anywhere
    Continuous Mentor help and Study Plan for success

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    Exam Format

    Multiple choice Exam
    75 questions only
    90 minutes duration
    Online proctored

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    PDU's Awarded

    16 Free PMI PDU

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Meet Our Guest Speakers

Founder & CEO | ISD Innovations
Director | The Brainstorm Company
Senior Software Engineer | Sonosim
Games Product | Business Leader

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